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Dutch Oven Roast Turkey

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Joined: 12 Aug 2013
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PostPosted: Thursday 5-28-2015 5:00 pm    Post subject: Dutch Oven Roast Turkey Reply with quote


Turkey - 15 pounds, or whatever size will fit your Dutch oven
2 or 3 onions quartered
25 whole cloves garlic
3 sticks of butter
3 Tbs chopped fresh parsley
5 cloves garlic finely diced
2 cups chicken broth
2 cups water
3 springs fresh sage
3 sprigs fresh rosemary
3 sprigs fresh thyme

Youíll need a large deep Dutch oven. I use a Maca 12X16X9 inch deep oval oven. Unfortunately, this oven is no longer in production. I was fortunate enough to get one of the last ones Maca made.

Remove the gizzards from the turkey. Stuff the cavity with onions and whole garlic cloves.

Make a rubbing compound by mashing up 2 sticks of butter (itís easier if the butter is at room temperature), season with salt and pepper. Add fresh parsley and diced garlic. Mix it all together well.

Make a couple small incisions in the turkey skin. Using your fingers, separate the skin from the meat. Stuff the mixture between the skin and the meat. Get as much of the mixture beneath the skin as possible. Rub the any extra on the outside of the skin.

Heat the chicken broth and the remaining stick of butter in a small sauce pan until the butter has melted. Using a meat syringe, inject as much of the mixture as possible into all areas of the bird.

Place trivet or some other clean metal object in the bottom of your Dutch oven. Add the water and any leftover broth and butter mixture.

Place the turkey upside down (breast side down) in the Dutch oven. This helps keep the breast meat from drying out. Place the fresh sage rosemary, thyme and and bay leaves on top of the bird.

Bake for 3 to 4 hours at approximately 350 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 170 Degrees. In my Maca I use 15 coals beneath and 30 on top. Depending on your DO, you may want to preheat your oven to speed cooking time.

Allow the turkey to rest at least 30 minutes before carving.

Acknowledgement - I got the basic recipe from Dutcoventopia web site http://dutchoventopia.com/dutch-oven-turkey-recipe/. My hammock camping and camp cooking friend Skypainter showed me how to make the rubbing compound.
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Joined: 01 Dec 2007
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Location: NE Nebraska

PostPosted: Saturday 5-30-2015 4:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I could never justify the cost of a Maca oven just to roast a turkey a couple of times a year, but fortunately Texsport makes a 20 quart oven that is of sufficient size to roast a 12-14 lb. bird. They are not as 'nice' as a Maca, by any stretch of the imagination, but for less than $100 they are a heckuva good deal. The quality of the casting and lid-fit has always been an issue with these things, so I wouldn't buy one unless I could inspect it closely firsthand.

We bank coals up around the sides of our oven with just a handful underneath and use quite a bit more top heat, too. I just like the look of a nicely bronzed turkey, I guess. We can usually get a 12 pound bird to an internal temperature of 165 degrees in right at 2 hours.....unless the wind is blowing.

Turning them upside down for the first hour is definitely the way to go, but I like to finish them up on their backs to get a browned breast. They're always juicy and tender, but that may be the result of the 12-18 hour brining process that we always subject them to before roasting, too.

No matter what method you use, it always seems to amaze people that you can roast a turkey on a campfire! Wink
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Joined: 12 Aug 2013
Posts: 114

PostPosted: Sunday 5-31-2015 6:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The MACA has a tight fitting lid. And the weight of it definitely helps hold in the heat. The thing is a beast! It takes a good long time to come up to temperature.

Next time I may try more coals on top. But the thing is so deep, you still have a few inches between the lid and a 15 Lb bird.
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Joined: 14 Jul 2016
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Wednesday 8-24-2016 8:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I bought a MACA 17 at current prices (OK - perhaps I am a fool but I saw it as a lifetime purchase and I wanted a USA Made Oven so I paid the price). I am a Scout Den Leader and I have full intentions of using this at scout outings as well as for Thanksgiving and Christmas at home.

I wanted to say thanks for sharing the video as I've searched out a few but there are not a lot of good resources on how exactly one cooks a turkey in one of these monster ovens. The guy I bought mine off of shared some photos of a tripod with block and tackle setup to help lift the oven to turn it when it has a 20+pound turkey and covered in hot coals.

I hope I don't burn my first turkey when I try this but I am very anxious to give it a try. I may even see if I can video my experience so you can Laughing
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