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Disater rereparedness

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Joined: 28 Nov 2013
Posts: 8
Location: Oklahoma

PostPosted: Tuesday 12-30-2014 5:37 pm    Post subject: Disater rereparedness Reply with quote

]I am going to clear up some misconceptions about Disaster Preparedness here.
First I will post my background

Worked in a major convention hotel cooking for the main restaurant banquet kitchen and restaurant buffet. Also safety and sanitation manager.
Do occasional catering.
Teach disaster preparedness cooking to churches and civic organizations. Which is basically catering for large groups.
Also train churches and civic groups how to set up and operate shelters.
Avid Photographer
Disaster preparedness specialist and preparedness instructor since 1978.
Extensive disaster experience with the American Red Cross Provided food
and beverages to the workers at the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal bldg.
Former instructor trainer in first aid and CPR for the American Red Cross and CPR instructor trainer for the American Heart Association.
Still involved in local disaster planning.
FEMA has an excellent preparedness guide available on line called "Are You Ready."

Catalytic heaters do not give off CO2. There is no flame in a catalytic heater. Yes you need an open flame for initial startup but the heat comes from a chemical reaction between propane an a piece of platinum metal.
this is why they are widely used in tents during camping trips.
I have been a disaster specialist and a disaster preparedness instructor since 1978.

Store a minimum of one gallon per person per day,
If you live where it can get to above 100 degrees in the summer you may wish to add one to two additional quarts of water. Those with diarrhea may require the additional one or two quarts per day.
To purify water add 8 drops or 1/8 teaspoon of liquid household bleach make sure it is not scented or contain any other additives.
Bring to a rolling boil for one minute will also work
filtering through sand and/or charcoal will not remove bacteria, viruses or parasites.
Water does not spoil. It has been available on earth for millions of years.
No need to rotate water. This along with expiration dates are scams by water bottlers to get you to by more bottled water from them.
Water that has been sitting for awhile may taste funky but all you need to do is pour the water from one clean container to another several times.
I myself and many others I know have had water stored in 2 liter Soda Pop bottles and never eaten through by rodents. When storing food or water make sure the outside of the container Is clean of food residue.
2 liter Soda Pop bottles are excellent to store water in as they are designed to hold water and CO2 which is a compressed gas. We all know what happens when a bottle of carbonated soda or any beverage gets shaken
Water needs to be stored in food grade containers to avoid the container chemicals fro leeching into the water.

To determine how much food is needed take each days food use for all people and multiply that by the number of days you wish to prepare for.
FEMA now recommends a seven day supply. Many in preparedness as well as myself prefer three weeks supply of food and water.
Can goods will last for five years unless the can rusts or bulges.
Myth and Misconception
There are no expiration dates on food containers. Those are use by or freshest by dates. After these dates the quality of the food starts to decline but many times if eaten it is not noticeable. I t will not make you sick or cause food poisoning as some people believe.
Pleas do not forget to have a mechanical or hand operated can opener.
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Site Admin

Joined: 11 Dec 2006
Posts: 4680
Location: Las Vegas, NV

PostPosted: Thursday 1-1-2015 8:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for the info! Good common sense planning seems like a good approach in my opinion.

Here in Las Vegas the majority of our food comes out of southern California. A big earthquake could seriously disrupt the supply chain between here and there. I can envision local food shortages until alternative food sources are established and transportation rerouted through Utah.

Watch me build my own camping trailer!! Project Desert Dawg
Old mines and Ghost Towns: http://www.mine-explorer.com
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Joined: 28 Nov 2013
Posts: 8
Location: Oklahoma

PostPosted: Friday 1-2-2015 3:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You are so right Joanne
Having lived in southern California for 37 years an and over 12 years in restaurants cooking I am aware of the food supply chain.
CA. feeds 25% of the nation If an Earthquake should occur it will not only take out truck transport from closed roads but railroads as well. Food that is imported from other countries will be stuck in the Los Angeles San Pedro ports.
I have lived in Oklahoma for the last 22 years and there have been many times stores have ran short of or have not had food because the roads are closed due to snow ice or more common flooding.
What is really sad is people ignore the idea of being prepared., Many people have a spare tire for their car so they won't be stranded on the side of the road yet refuse to think about being without food and water during an emergency
The better prepared you are for an emergency or disaster the easier you will survive the event.
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