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Posting Pictures on the Forum smiling camera

Talking about our favorite recipes is a lot of fun, but seeing a picture of a mouthwatering dish makes us want to run out and get the coals going. Here's a short set of instructions to help you post your pictures on the Camp-Cook.com discussion group.

After reviewing many of the online photo services, we recommend www.tinypic.com for posting your photos. This service is designed specifically for those wanting to post photos on blogs and message boards. The software will allow you to resize your large photos so they can be displayed on the screen without scrolling back and forth. Basic editing functions such as crop and rotate are also provided.

Regardless of what service you use to host your pictures, please resize your photos to be 640x480 or smaller!!

Step 1

Go to www.tinypic.com to sign up for an account.

Step 2

Next we use this screen to upload and resize your photo. It's really simple!

Use the Browse button to select the file you wish to upload. Be sure to choose Message Board (640x480) for the photo size.

Click on the Upload Now! button to upload and resize your photo.

DONE!! I told you it was easy!!

Step 3

The program automatically creates the code you need to copy into your forum posting.

• Click inside the box labeled IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards to highlight the code.
• Press your right mouse button.
• Select SAVE from the menu.

Step 4

Here's where we actually get to add a picture to a post!

As you are writing about your wonderful recipe and want to show a picture, simply paste in the code that you had previsoulsy copied. It should look a lot like the screen below. It MUST have an [IMG] tag at the beginning and an [/IMG] tag at the end in order for the picture to be displayed.

Here's the posting after it has been submitted to the forum. The photo shows up just perfect!

See! It isn't difficult to share your pictures with the other members across the world.

If you are having problems getting your pictures to display properly, you can email me or send me a PM on the forum.


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